Wigmore, Marylebone Mon, Apr 15 2019 19:00

The Quizzy Rascals steal the gold!

Sarah R

The Quizzy Rascals were triumphant at the Wigmore on Monday evening, boosting their score to a massive 39 with the bonus points attached to Lou's win in round 2's free drinks question.
Second-to-bottom honours & a bottle of wine went to Quiz SW, who also won round 1's free drink & bonus points.
The creative round challenged teams to design a team mascot out of tinfoil, & the staff judged Feargal's Followers' model of Feargal the dog to be the best of the night & winner of the bonus points.
Special mention must be made of the 'performance piece' which accompanied the Quizzy Rascals' creative round..... Great fun!

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