White Bear Tue, May 21 2019 19:30

Save A Tree, Eat A Celtic Beaver & the big finale!

Sarah R

'Save A Tree Eat A Celtic Beaver' took the gold at the White Bear on Tuesday night in a quiz in which every team won something!
The honours for second-to-bottom went to newbies 'Joe & Siobhan', who also took around 2's free drink & bonus points. Round 1's free drink & bonuses went to 'I'll Follow Your Insta'.
Bonus questions were themed on 'endings' (this being the end of an era at the White Bear), & the creative round challenged teams to come up with an exciting ending to a TV series. Amid new endings to Fleabag & reincarnation of Grumpy Cat, Save A Tree Eat A Celtic Beaver's witty take on a Question Time finale was judged best of the night.
Regulars 'Big Fact Hunt' took home the jackpot in a fitting conclusion to what has been an absolute pleasure quizzing at the White Bear.

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Top Teams
Save A Tree, Eat A Celtic Beaver
Big Fact Hunt
Joe & Siobhan
I'll Follow Your Insta