Westow House Tue, Apr 16 2019 20:00

Buckets Back on Top!

Jonathon M

It was a very close game tonight, with a few new teams joining us for quiz night at the Westow House. Even though it was relatively quiet, there was still a lot happening! Our victors, once again, was "A Bucket of Wine and a Punchbag Please" reclaiming their crown and beating "Mr. Harris" by a rare half point. The creative round went to Team "Quasi Modo", though that was a close call too, between their tin foil easter egg bird and "Linford Quiztie"'s tin foil easter basket. "Linford Quiztie" didn't leave unhappy though, since Simon guessed the jackpot question closest, and chose the right envelope, winning his team the sweet cash prize. See you next week for more quiz excitement!

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