Walmer Castle Sun, May 19 2019 19:30

The battle for the wine

Daniel C

Team '2 in the tinky winky 1 in the po' added another bar tab to their collection by making a huge come back in the second half to top the table on 38 points while at the other end of the table we needed a tiebreaker to decide who will walk away with the bottle of wine, it was a close call but it eventually went to first time players 'P N Loustic' to win the second to last bottle of wine. Their rival team though did get our closest too to enter our jackpot round for a chance to win tonights £250 cash jackpot, it was a great start for them but after opting to go higher than an 8 they were sadly shown a 7- but every cloud has a silver lining and next week well be adding £50 to the Jackpot and taking a card away to make it easier to win more money.

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