Lighthouse, Battersea Tue, May 28 2019 20:00

The night of the tie breakers

Daniel C

We had plenty of tie breakers tonigh, with Quislings taking top spot on 36 points while tied in second spot for the bottle of wine were 42 wag the notorius QIZ, it was a close one but 42 just edged that one to take home the goods. After that we had our usual closest too for our play your cards right Jack pot round and we again had a tie with 42 wag going head to head with tonights champs, it was an agonising close one but quizlings just managed to get that one to enter the game for a chance of making it a double winning night, they got off to a good start but half way through they were shown a 10 and chose to go lower to be shown a king, but dont worry folks because next week they'll be even more money on offer with half of tonights entrance fees going to the jackpot

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