Hare Wed, Apr 17 2019 19:30

Sophie's Choice in bonus bonanza!

Sarah R

Sophie's Choice took the gold at the Hare on Wednesday night, boosting their score by 6 points with wins in round 2's free drinks question & the creative round. Teams were challenged to design a new muppet, & their 'Wino the Muppet'(who could drink the other muppets under the table) was a hit with the bar staff.
Newbies I Drink & I Know Things took the honours for second-to-bottom, & Kissing the Whippet won round 1's free drink & bonus points.
Monkey & Giraffe, who came second overall, also won themselves a stab at the jackpot, but sadly their envelope said "maybe next time". So there will be a further rollover next week.....

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