Red Lion, Knotty Green Thu, Feb 28 2019 19:30

You'll be intrigued to know the girls from the vets like to go bottom up!

Nick H

As opposed to top down, in the context of announcing the scores that is! Yes, it was the only time the girls from "You vet I know the answer" paused for thought having been asked if they'd prefer to go top down or bottom up, otherwise they were a maelstrom of energy and noise all evening. Fantastic. Albeit via a tiebreaker with "Dillis & Co", they also won a bottle of wine for coming second last and as you can imagine the decibel level - a pun on questions 35, which ironically they answered correctly - increased dramatically on the announcement. As one can imagine with a £96 cash prize at stake for the team with the most points, competition was fierce. There were five teams who all scored a very creditable 30 points or above, but with a superb 22 points out of a possible 25 in the second half of the quiz, "Quiz on your Face" surged through the field to pip "We thought it was Bingo" by a single point to take the cash.

Next quiz at the Red Lion will be on Thursday 28th March when we do it all again. Hopefully see you then.

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