Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jun 12 2019 20:00

Make it rain!

Chris R

A very soggy night in Clapham this week - not the best day to ride to the pub! But that drove the quizzers inside and 12 teams filled the tables at the Railway this week.
Roped in some randoms who just happened to be sitting upstairs - so welcome to Bilbo gets the Baggins and the Ring-ins - the latter took home the wine of shame at the end of the night, to their great satisfaction.
Had some tough questions this week, but M & Ms were leading by a nose at half time but were just pipped to the win by Zanu PF by half a point - the bonus anagram point sealed the win!
This week's jackpot was £200 again, and only five envelopes to choose from. Lucky guessers, Six on the Beach got closest to the distance from London to New York (only 10km out! - maybe they're air stewards?) and, as the drum roll sounded, chose the correct envelope and shared £200 between them!! Finally, we have a winner!
Still have £200 in the pot for next week, so hope to see you all there!

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