Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, May 01 2019 20:00

Its May day, it's pay day - it's quiz in your face day!

Chris R

Old heads met new faces last night as 'Dyslexics Untied' returned from the wilderness to face last weeks winners 'Hawaii is the wettest state...' and the runners up, 'Haggis, Cheats & Tatties'. Joined by 'Here for the bevs', 'Second to last' and 'Give us a clue' plus 'the 0121' to scrap it out for free drinks and the money!
A deceptively smooth first half didn't prepare our quizzers for the carnage of the second round. Despite easy points from the song and some of the cryptics, there was slim pickings to be had. But experience held out and the Dyslexics showed their skills by winning by a margin.
The wine of shame was gratefully accepted by 'Give us a clue!', and the rollover jackpot was a near thing, with only 1 minute separating first and second. But, 'Here for the bevs' snuck it in the end, and, with 5 envelopes in the offing, hopes were high.
A tense drum-roll as he tore open the envelope to reveal - the Winner! To rapturous applause, £200 was dolled out, and everyone went home happy.
We're back next week, £200 still in the offing and back to ten envelopes. See you there!

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