Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jul 17 2019 20:00

Fizzy Fun and Free Beer!

Chris R

A beer promotion by Mondo Brewery this week put everyone in a good mood and provided a first prize of a case of Denis Hopper IPA for the winners as well as the free drinks for the bonus questions.
This may have hampered some of our quizzers somewhat as the second half scores were showing signs of weariness after an initial flurry in the first round.
The winning team were very grateful for their case and headed off into the night loaded down with beer, so well done to Hawaii is the wettest state. While Rum Punch were equally happy to claim the wine of shame in second to last. Unlucky on the jackpot were LSE who made a valiant effort for the wine, but were just too good, then missed out on the jackpot too.
Good night all round, and certainly some sore heads in the morning. Next week it's gin!

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