Prince of Wales, Hanwell Tue, Jun 04 2019 20:00

It's Bambi vs the Beaver in a thrilling tiebreak finish!

Sarah R

Bambi Did A (Smelly) S**t were the aromatically challenged winners of the gold at the Prince of Wales in Hanwell on Tuesday night, securing their victory by the narrowest of margins in a tiebreak finish against Save A Tree Eat A Beaver. In the end it all came down to knowledge of the length of Bowie's last album! The Beavers did take second-to-bottom (or indeed second) place, & the bottle of Prosecco.
Both Bambi & the Beavers won a free drink each - Beavers in round 1 & Bambi in round 2 - plus the accompanying bonus points.
Bambi also won themselves a stab at the jackpot, but in the game of Play Your Cards Right, they only got to card 3. So there will be another rollover at next month's quiz!
Team Scott, the final team, & a lone player, lost out prize-wise by a narrow margin, but bore it stoically!

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Bambi Did A (Smelly) S**t
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