Plough Thu, May 02 2019 20:00

Not Ready Already Dominate the Field

Jessica S

We had a wonderful 12 teams playing for our prizes tonight: £62 cold hard cash, a packet of Jammie Dodgers, a bottle of wine, 2x free drinks and our jackpot of £40.

A varied first half meant our teams had a wide range of point scores, with Not Ready Already and Crossy Crew leading the was on 23 points each.

The second half proved a tough one for some of our teams and really widened the gap up at the top. Not Ready Already gained a massive 47 points to take home the cash, whilst No Sex for Ben came in second with 40. Ben might not be getting sex but he did get Jammie Dodgers, which is almost better. Dumb and Dumber took home the bottle of wine (and were thrilled as they were on the white already).

Quiztians v Lions won the chance to play for the jackpot and on a starting card of Queen Hearts went lower, only to be beaten by a King Hearts. That means next weeks jackpot is a rollover!

Thanks all for playing, see you next week!

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