Manor Arms Thu, May 02 2019 20:00

Quizzing in close Quarters gives close results!

William M

It was wet outside and wild inside the Manor Arms tonight with football almost everywhere you looked (and listened).

But huddled away in the corner our intrepid quizzes had braved the weather to give some all round amazing results (especially when they had to hear the questions over the sound of free kicks and commentators).

'The dominators' got a drink, and the 'Infinity Stoners' got a bottle of red wine to give them a buzz. While 'Wyld Guesses' and 'I Drink and I Know Things' were neck and neck until the steps of Big Ben got between them and 'Wyld Guesses' went wild with their victory.

Great scores all round, and a great night! Now, where are those voice sweets?

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