Jolly Farmer Tue, Apr 23 2019 19:30

"Nick's Babes" need a little more coaching!

Nick H

It is of course a honour to have a tea named after you especially when they are so young and virile (like their namesake!?!?) and didn't they do well in being one of the three teams to score in the 30's - finely honed also like their namesake! That said, they were on this occasion a handful of points short of "Oli needs a Job" this evening who managed to take the £40 bar voucher first prize by a single point from "Pooh and friends".
The usual suspects battled it out for the evening's £20 bar voucher for coming second last. Simply put, "Desperados", "Just the three of Us" and "Grays Roses" were just too good and "Chalfont Ladies" were, in their own words, not having a good night, thus leaving "Onwards and Upwards" to collect the prize. "Desperados" did however win the opportunity to draw from the Jackpot envelopes for the £25.50 cash prize. They selected envelope number 7 and without wishing to put to finer point on it, the cash prize increases to £41.50 and rolls over to next week's quiz on Tuesday 30th April when we do it all again.

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