Hollybush, Loughton Sun, May 19 2019 19:00

From Bottom to Top, Barley Hill Clean Up!

Andrew P

A solid evening, with some very respectable scores, was had at the Hollybush in Loughton this evening! There were a number of returning teams vying for the top prize but only one could come out victorious. People generally knew that Catherine the Great was Empress of the Russian Empire and not a knowledgeable quiz goer, there was smoke coming out of ears upon learning that non-reactive matter is known as 'inert' and many consulted with their teammates, correctly guessing that a rally drivers navigating partner is called their 'co-driver'. 'MARRA' at the bar, however, was flying solo and pleasingly managed to bag himself the bottle of wine with 27 points. Just as pleasing, the winners, 'Barley Hill', (coming top with 36 points) had previously come last, proving that this knowledge is general and anybody can turn up and win it that £50 bar tab. Maybe it could be you...

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