Highwayman Wed, May 01 2019 19:30

Who needs Lionel Messi when you've got The Boss Lady!

Nick H

Certainly not "Against all Odds" who were led from the front (as always) by the equally talented (like Lionel Messi) Boss Lady. Although only three points separated the top and the bottom teams at the end of the evening, they ("Against All Odds") had another virtuoso performance this evening and accordingly took the £40 bar voucher first prize. They also won the opportunity to select from the Jackpot envelopes for the £150 cash prize and albeit credited as winners after selecting envelope number 4, it was on this occasion only a smile from the bartender!

The evening's £20 bar voucher second prize required a tiebreaker to distinguish who came second and who came second last. It, of course, sounds better to say you came second in the last quiz when regaling to others after the event, which "Tube Problems" can do, but it was "JLB Credit" who went away with the prize!

We do it all again next week, same time same place: Wednesday 8th May, 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

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