Highwayman Wed, Apr 17 2019 19:30

Mark, maybe you'll get a drink from the winnings!

Nick H

Not much to be said about the £40 bar voucher first prize this week other than "Against all Odds" won by a clear 10 points! That said, their nearest rivals were "The Sausage Squad" and as can be interpreted from their team name, they comprised two teams members whose ages were single digits and two who were in their (very) early teens. They were of course accompanied by some adults although it has to be said the youngsters appeared to make a significant contribution! With regard to the £20 bar voucher prize for coming second last, special mention should go to Mark of "Standing Room Only" whose patience was incredible in keeping the team together and focused despite numerous temperamental issues with team members (where's Graham?) and various distractions. Mark was rewarded however with the prize only to find the voucher prize had mysteriously disappeared! - Mark, it only happens to the good guys.

In playing for the £150 Jackpot cash prize, "Cribbers" thought they'd done enough to take the loot by winning the closest to question, but then explaining they still needed to select from the remaining six Jackpot envelopes - there was a lot of noise at then venue this evening - they unfortunately selected envelope number 3 and needless to say the cash prize therefore rolls over again to next weeks quiz on Wednesday 24th April when we do it all again. 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start as usual and the big question is, which is the Jackpot? Is it envelope number 2, 5, 6, 9 or 10? You'll only know if you play.

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