Highwayman Wed, Apr 24 2019 19:30

Arsenal may have lost but "Against all Odds" win again

Nick H

Emotions were running high with the Boss Lady this evening. It had nothing to do with the quiz but with Arsenal as they were playing away at Wolves and needed three points. Everything was fine initially at 0-0 and just about okay as they went 0-1 down, but when they went 0-2 down and them 0-3 down I knew we were in trouble, especially when I was reminded in no uncertain terms about Arsenal's recent win against Newcastle! Fortunately us Toon fans are used to it! The Boss Lady's team did however help soften the blow (but only partially I suspect) by scoring a wonderful 37 points in the quiz, thus taking the £40 bar voucher prize for the second week running. Albeit without their lovely Croatian team member - and disappointingly as I didn't therefore get my usual embrace and dance - "The Croatians", with a very credible 33 points, collected the evening's £20 bar voucher second prize.

As for "One Stinking Bishop and a laughing Cow" the evening didn't start to well as I understand their car has developed what sounds as though it could potentially be a serious fault and they then finished last in the quiz, unknown territory for them. There were also a couple of contentious issues over answers, one of which being over the closest to Jackpot question for the £150 cash prize. The Bishop fortunately got his way in this instance and the Laughing Cow hers in selecting envelope number 9 and as a consequence, the evening didn't actually end to badly as they won the cash, as well as the two spot prizes they'd already won …..oh, and a wet sloppy kiss (Laughing Cow only - my apologies)!

A great fun evening and we do it all again next Wednesday 1st May with another £150 Jackpot cash prize to be won along with the other usual prizes.

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