Eagle Hoxton Wed, Apr 24 2019 19:30

Two Birthdays & A Tie-Break.

Richard L

I suppose the heading suggests a film which you might have missed, but it sums up last night at The Eagle in Hoxton.
Two birthday girls Judith and Sophie were celebrating their special days by taking part in the regular Wednesday evening quiz. Both had an array of gifts and friends surrounding them and both parties were clearly enjoying themselves.
The quiz finished with two teams accumulating 39 points each so it was either split the pot or a tie-break. Tie-breaks are always popular at The Eagle, especially with teams not involved so the quiz finished with "Avenger The Quiz Game" and "When Is Richard Linton's Birthday" competing against each other for the £88 cash prize. The teams knew each other and when "When Is Richard Linton's Birthday" won the battle, the other team were very sporting and offered congratulations to their rivals.

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