Eagle Hoxton Wed, Feb 13 2019 19:30

Lots Of Bananas.

Richard L

It all started when a free drink question was asked. The question was, "How much of our DNA do we share with bananas"? Answer is 50% but many and varied were the suggestions before someone actually came close with 52%. One person suggested 98% which had most quizzers looking a little worried - if this was true then where would human end and banana begin or vice versa?
Once the queston had been answered correctly, (well within 2%), things seemed to get back to normal quizzing, but at least two teams ended up with "Banana" names.
"Could try harder" was the winning team and a new one at The Eagle with "98% Banana" coming in second place after a tie-break question which funnily enough had nothing to do with bananas!!

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