Eagle Hoxton Wed, May 01 2019 19:30

Attempting To Gain Points.

Richard L

I suppose when there is a cash prize at stake especially £142, quiz players could be forgiven for using every trick to try and win the quiz. I don't mean cheating by the way, no teams here at The Eagle would ever do that! I mean by trying to persuade the quizmaster to perhaps be lenient when judging a possible answer.
Last night at The Eagle's regular Wednesday quiz, two teams tried to curry favour by the team name choice. There was "The Quizmaster Is A Hottie" and "We Meet again Richard Linton". Quizmaster Richard Linton liked the names but as a quizmaster, although one can be friendly and chatty to all, there can be no favouritism under any circumstances! The quiz ended with "Donnie Whalberge's Fudge Pantry" the winning team with an impressive 39 points and no mention of the quizmaster in the name!

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