Draft House Westbridge Wed, Apr 24 2019 19:30

The Holy Trinity are a Godsend

Eoin L

The Draft House Westbridge quiz night is on the up, we had a great crowd and some stiff competition last night.

Three large teams battled it out last night. Fred, a lovely American gent thought about flying solo but when I showed him the picture sheet he wondered if he might join a team, and he certainly added some expertise to the Gals whom he joined.

The Holy Trinity took an early lead, round 2 came and Grindlay’s Gals were, I think, the quickest team on record to solve the Anagram clue in Q21 - which famous Briton do you find in Abhor Outdates Virgins???

In the end, the Holy Trinity won the £50 tab at the bar, but there were shots all around for Fred and the Gals.

The jackpot was not won this week, which means we are headed towards £150 !!!!

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