Crown Tavern, Lee Thu, May 02 2019 20:00

Gaga for FOOD!

Adam J

Low key but a bubbly night at the Crown Tavern, as three regular quizzing teams battled it out for the £50 bar tab!
Teams "Saga Louts", "FOOD" and "Aiming Above the Nuts" got good scores, with the winning team FOOD getting a respectable 35, and "Saga Louts" walking away with the bottle of white wine.
Props to the team that knew that Marge Simpson was arrested for stealing a bottle of bourbon, but the best answer of the night had to be this beautifully incorrect answer to the riddle:
"Two of me are bitter and Harsh, one of me is huge, one of me is warm, and the other separates worlds". The correct answer being the team answered....wait for it...The Spice Girls.

Had a fab time covering at this venue and hope to be able to visit there again, a special mention to the incredible bar staff at the Crown Tavern who were lovely and welcoming as could be.

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