Colton Arms Mon, May 20 2019 20:00

The In-Famous Five!

Patsy P

Quirky and quiet tonight at The Colton Arms - could it be that there was the very last episode of something called Game of Thrones going on? I have no idea. Anyway there were five great players, who decided on this occasion to pit their wits against each other by way of four separate teams. So it was 'First To None', 'The Weakest Link', 'Team Nick' and ' Huawei To The Danger Zone' who bravely put the bar tab where their mouths were and stepped up to play. After 40 highly competitive and strangely pressurised questions, it was 'Huawei To The Danger Zone' who emerged as the winning player to take the £50 prize, with 'Team Nick' as runner up. 'The Weakest Link(s)' took the house bottle for second to last and 'First To None' was the winner of a lovely free drink. No jackpot winner tonight, which means a rollover for next week, but all in all an extremely intriguing night. Wonder if that last episode was worth it?

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Top Teams
Huawei To The Danger Zone
Team Nick
The Weakest Link
First To None