Coat and Badge, Putney Tue, Apr 23 2019 20:00

A Quiz of Thrones...

Edward D

Yes that's right my lords and ladies, this evening the old gods and the new blessed us with a Game of Thrones themed quiz!
At the start of the quiz I asked the teams to come up with Theme Team Names for bonus points. After several teams had the same name, the "Team With No Name" received the bonus point for the brilliant Faceless Men reference.
The wine tonight was won by "Hold the Door" who came in second to last place, Hodor will be proud.
And then there were two. A tie breaker was cast between "My Little Throney" and "We Drink and We Know Things".
My Little Throney came out of the melee victorious! A £100 Bar tab for them!!!
And appropriately "We Drink and We Know Things" won a round of drinks to ponder over.
Thank you all for coming this evening,
Rumour has it that the next theme in the works may be Disney...
Watch this space!

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