Catford Constitutional Club Tue, May 07 2019 20:00

Thwarted Pirates

James H

Normally a Tuesday after a Bank Holiday Monday is a quiet night down the pub. However, obviously the draw of a £250 jackpot, a £50 food and beer voucher, the chance of winning some free drinks, but most importantly of all, SOME CRISPS, was too much for some, as 30 players competed for all the above.

In fact the crisps has become such a "bigged up" prize it has almost become a role of honour to win them and 2 teams this evening named their teams accordingly.

As for the quiz itself, who knew Theresa May looked as she did all those years ago and that the quizmaster had to be stopped from showing exactly what he meant by one question for fear of a large slap and the possibility of arrest!

Team Zero won himself a packet if crisps for blitzing the anagram in under 2 seconds.

The rest of the evening surrounded the pirates on Black Pearl. A motley crew if ever there was, lead by the most beautiful and well behaved female ever to set foot or rather paw in the CCC. (Pearl is a lovely rescue greyhound). They managed to win 2 free drinks, have shot at the jackpot and tie for outright victory.

However, as the title of this article suggests they missed out on the jackpot (sadly turning two consecutive 4s) and were narrowly beaten to the £50 voucher by Gettin' Quizzy With It.

As for the coveted crisps. A thoroughly delighted team aptly named the Crisp Chasers were delighted to be the recipients as a loud roar penetrated the pub.

Another great quiz filled with good humour, bad impressions, general tomfoolery and a self deprecating quizmaster who proved he can't sing, made for another entertaining night down the CCC.

Why not come down and see what all the noise is about. See you next week.

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