Catford Constitutional Club Tue, May 21 2019 20:00

The swimming tortoise wins the race!

James H

Weeks surrounding bank holidays can always be a little "slow". The weeks themselves can fly by, but for publicans trade often happens all at once.

So we found ourselves with just 4 teams this evening, but boy it didn't stop us having fun.

For the team name challenge, we chose formula 1 as the subject matter in remembrance of Niki Lauda who sadly died this week and the winning name was 'Jensens Buttons' earning the team a bonus point.

Other bonuses this evening went as ever to the team that could answer question 21 the anagram quickest and rather painfully for the quizmaster who could draw the best picture of him! (See pictures for the results!)

We had two mixed teams and 1 all male and another all female team. However it was clear as the evening went on that competition between them all was hotting up, as the evening became more raucous and full of smiles and laughter as it went on.

In the end, it was the aquatic turtles who were victorious but also got a chance at the Jackpot which was sadly another failed attempt. It also happened to be one of the teams birthdays and she was the lucky winner of a free drink too as a result of the halftime game of Heads and Tails.

So for what looked like being a quiet night in the pub turned out to be anything but.

As for Niki Lauda may he now be resting somewhere more peaceful.

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