Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Apr 30 2019 20:00

Seperated by a mile!

James H

Tonight's quiz really could not have been closer.

We had the top five teams seperated only by 3 points, we had an anagram solved in under 5 seconds, we had people standing up and randomly shouting Eye Eye Captain at the top of their voices and we even had planes that flew backwards!

But most all we had a laugh

In the end Team Zero was victorious with this week's anagram but once again lost out to another king when he got another crack at the jackpot.

We also had a delighted team winning the crisps for coming 2nd last, especially as they had not played before.

Finally we needed a tiebreaker question to establish the winner. It really could not have been a closer fought contest.

Let's hope it is as close next week when we do it all again. See you then.

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Top Teams
Strong Arm Trophy Trophy
O Crikey we didn't think of 1!
Jess and the Geriatrics
Mossy Bank 2
Wakanda Forever
The Catford (un) Desirables
Team Zero aka God is left hand, devil is right hand and conscience in the middle.