Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Apr 23 2019 20:00

A quiet night in!

James H

...... well it would have been if there hadn't been a quiz on.

A Tuesday after a Bank Holiday is always quiet in a pub and the one after the Easter weekend because of the double holiday you can normally hear a pin drop. But last night although depleated seriously it was far from a quiet night.

6 teams fort for the coveted prize of £50 to spend at the CCC in the coming month as well as crisps and drinks.

It was very much a split game this evening with 2 teams running off towards the sunset and 3 chasing crisps with team zero not only getting his bonus for the anagram but being exactly correct on the number of bathrooms there are in a very well known landmark.

So for those who rocked up it was a great evening filled with laughter and humiliation of the quizmaster as usual.

In the it was bonuses that got the victory but congratulations to both 1st and 2nd on two magnificent scores.

See you next week.

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