Cafe Rouge, Loughton Tue, May 14 2019 19:30

Famous Five Score Famous Victory!

Andrew P

It was a real meeting of minds this evening as two-thirds of the teams had won prizes on separate occasions at our Café Rouge, Loughton, Quiz! The writing was on the wall; our teams mostly knew that Lithography was the method of printing using a stone or plate, it was a recipe for disaster as nobody could match the ingredients to the name 'Platers Punch' in the cocktail question and many suspected horseplay when learning that Gymkhana was a word of Indian origin. 'Famous Five' scored a resounding 32 to take the top prize of a £100 restaurant tab and 'Gardner' won the bottle of wine, kindly sharing it amongst the teams once the proceedings were over. Our Quizzes are taken very seriously but it goes to show that it's all in good fun! Let's raise a glass to another top night of quizzing!

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