Bedford Tavern, Finsbury Park Mon, Apr 15 2019 19:30

Limericked it by half a point!

Marc F

The anniversary couple were good but came last
Some wine for the Brain Gremlins who were fast
Snake Charmers got bogged
By the team who love dogs
But love proved that the team with no name could pass

I may not be good at limericks but The Team With No Name showed their creativity with good poetry, powering them to their second victory in a month — this time by a solitary half point.

It was all about love tonight as one team, already one dog beer or two down (that's about seven or eight for you and me), played the quiz to celebrate their second anniversary. They were good but not good enough to win more free drinks or the bottle of wine.

Another new team who wanted to know the name of regular team Brain Gremlin's dog, also had a good limerick but came second in the judging which wasn't enough to edge in front. They promise to come back and avenge their loss.

Snake Charmers were unable to take a brace of wins and were left in mid-table obscurity for their lack of knowledge on Friends and bra manufacturers.

The jackpot also went unwon, with a tricky Seven midway through so that rolls over to next week and now totals £118.

You'd better get yourselves involved next week, you clever lot!

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