Bedford Tavern, Finsbury Park Mon, May 20 2019 19:30

Game Of Twos

Marc F

With the Game Of Thrones finale on tonight, it was a game of two teams in the Bedford and bloody close it was.

Teams traded blows in a fairly equal first half but it was the correct answers that Quiz Akabusi talked themselves out of that made the final difference of just two points. That, and this week's creative round which involved teams feeling their way through a mystery bag of items. As it was close, I gave a point for each correctly identified item and Supercali... got three more.

In scenes similar to Eurovision on the weekend, where nations shared their time on the throne, it was back and forth (if only we had a live leaderboard in the pub) but Supercali... held out and took a bottle of wine for their troubles.

Quiz Akabusi happily settled for a pack of hobnobs (one of the items in the mystery bag) and a chance to play for the £39 jackpot. They lost the latter by turning over an Ace after going lower on a Jack. Hard luck for them.

Hopefully it won't be hard luck for you when we resume in a couple of weeks time.

See you on the 3rd of June for hijinks, prizes and of course the greatest quiz in Finsbury Park and Holloway combined.

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