Bedford Tavern, Finsbury Park Mon, Apr 08 2019 19:30

Bindi Bhajis get taste of a flying victory

Marc F

After some time away to focus on solo projects, I returned to the Bedford to host Finsbury Park and Holloway's greatest quiz. A fantastic evening with an entertaining knowledge test led to cheers and laughs being shared by all.

An engineering triumph helped a team of teachers to a resounding runaway victory in the first quiz back after a short absence. Their paper airplane was looking good until it flew into another team member's face but they picked up a bonus point for coming second, helping maintain their overall lead.

They also correctly guessed David Attenborough's year of birth, despite agreeing on the wrong answer, giving them the chance to play for the jackpot. A tricky set of cards meant they weren't able to add to their victory, so the jackpot rolls over to next week — now a staggering £102.

Regular winners, Quiz Akabusi, bagged a bottle of wine in a tight race of the rest, helped along by their magnificent paper aircraft which cruised to a successful winning flight, earning them two extra points.

Two new teams also joined the Bedford family last night and performed well so we look forward to seeing them over the coming weeks and challenging for the win.

See you next week at 7:30.

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